Juliana Herlaar
Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Welcome! I'm so glad you found my page!

I am an online counsellor based on Vancouver Island and I love to work with Sensitives and Empaths who want to thrive and feel inspired in their lives. 

I am super passionate about supporting sensitive souls to connect to their innate wisdom, stand strongly in their beliefs and boundaries while expressing themselves authentically.

As an Empath, an Introvert, and a Highly Sensitive Person, I understand the overwhelm of living in an overstimulating world. I get the need to self care and have boundaries so that you can fully step into your gifts.

In counselling sessions I work with a client centered, trauma informed, body based approach. I work with my clients to discover the best support and modalities that suit their magical uniqueness.


I believe that all the answers to your questions lie inside of you and sometimes we just need a little support in accessing them. I believe that the human condition is to evolve and grow and that every single human being can make change if they want to. I believe in the interconnection of human beings, animals and the planet. I believe we are all creators, that we all  have our own way of experiencing the world. I believe we have the innate power and wisdom within each and every one of us to live in wholeness, connection and fluidity.


 My wish for you is that you find your own way to live fully in this world uniquely just as you are. 

Questions? I'd love to hear from you!

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Juliana Herlaar 

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

Phone: 778.938.1143

Email: juliana@inner-wisdom.ca

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