There is Magic

in the Mundane

Your Sensitivity is Magical


My Heart's Truth

I believe in magic. I am a keeper of possibility, freedom & truth, and I long for a remembrance in our human collective of our connection to our selves, each other & mama Earth. We are all spiritual beings having a very human experience.
I am inspired by the resiliency, power & inherent wisdom of all humans. We hold a deep, connected, inner wisdom that transcends time. It is written in our bones. Gifted to us from our ancestors, the earth, the stars & our own experiences. 

I come to these truths from my own journey of depression, anxiety, beliefs of not belonging & numbing myself through food, alcohol & drugs. I've spent the last 10 years becoming intimate with my limiting beliefs, feelings & fears. Transforming them into compassion, wisdom & love for myself while tapping into my intuitive sense, spiritual connection & inner wisdom.
My heart's calling is to support sensitive & empathic souls to rediscover the wisdom that is waiting to emerge. Holding a sacred container as you courageously dive into your deep well of intelligence contained in your greatest fears and your powerful dreams.

Professional Bio

I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor based on Vancouver Island. I work from a client centered, holistic, trauma informed, body based approach. I co-create with my clients to discover the best support and modalities that suit their magical uniqueness.

We will work together to discover the right path for you. Counselling is not the same for everyone because each person has their own individual history, experience & family. 


I bring radical curiosity to each meeting in order to do my best to understand my client's perspective. From this place we create intentions, build awareness & create steps so that they experience change in their lives.

Juliana is a wonderful facilitator as I journey to further understand and care for myself and explore the connection between my mind and body. She is a gentle, kind and generous spirit and I am so grateful for her support. 


  • Counselling Therapy Diploma - Clearmind International

  • Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma - Centre for Excellence (ongoing)

  • HSP Certificate - Nickerson Institute

  • EFT Certificate - Association of Energy Psychology

  • Suicide Bereavement Training - BC Bereavement Helpline

  • The Non-Linear Movement® Teacher Training - Michaela Boehm

  • Yoga Education Diploma - Jeff Lichty & Harmony Slater

  • Pranayama Training - Jeff Lichty & Harmony Slater

  • Reiki level 1

The Paperwork:


  • Process-oriented psychology

  • Transpersonal psychology

  • Family Systems theory

  • Cognitive Behavioural therapy

  • Client Centered psychology

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Somatic Therapy

  • Neurolinguistic Programming

  • Behavioural Therapy

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  • Positive Psychology

  • Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy

The Lingo: