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 Akashic Records

Connect with Your
Higher Dimensional Self

You Are Vibrational Light

Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means ether, primary substance or light. This element holds and forms the other elements: earth, air, fire & water.

We and everything around us, are made up of these elements, vibrational light energy & frequency. 

The vibration of each being & place, creates an energetic imprint in the Akashic Field.

The vibrational outputs of our thoughts, feelings, experiences, beliefs, fears and hopes reside in the Akashic Records. They hold an energetic imprint of all the souls that exist in this moment as well as the frequency of your soul's energy, wisdom, past lives, lessons and possible life trajectory.

Connecting to your Akashic Records helps you integrate the essence of your spirit and supports you to reconnect to your power and sovereignty.

Access Your Soul's Wisdom

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What Happens in a Reading?

  • We are co-creators on this journey.

  • I guide us through a grounding meditation.

  • ​I connect to the frequency of the Akasha with an invocation.

  • I share with you what I see & experience.

  • You may experience physical sensations, audio messages or visuals. They may be similar or different to mine.

  • I will share the messages that come through for you.

  • A sense of relief or calming energy.

  • Realizations about questions you've had.

  • Guidance on how to move forward in your in life.

  • Clarity around patterns and belief systems.

  • A new perception on your life's journey.

  • A feeling of harmony or peace.

  • An uplifting energy or hope.

  • These experiences will vary from person to person.

What Can You Expect?

  • Be in a quiet space with a secure internet connection, so you can sink in to the frequency of the messages.

  • Come with open-ended questions (how, why or what). These questions will provide you with support, truth and information that will help you feel empowered in your life's journey.

  • Create quiet time after the session to write notes and integrate the messages.

How Do You Prepare?

Let Your Soul Speak


  • a 45 minute exploration

  • a guided journey to your Akashic Record

  • a sense & understanding of your soul

  • a message for you from your soul

  • the opportunity to ask questions

  • an optional recording of your session

  • grounding & integration time at the end

Your Akashic Reading includes:

I had the most amazing reading with Juliana! I was speechless, and still sort of am after our session together. I was new to the Akasha's and didn't know fully what to expect, and it fully blew my mind out of the water. Juliana is so gentle in her approach and also holds the capacity to go deep in a way that feels comforting and safe. Being able to ask questions, talk about what was happening, and also be guided through this process at the same time - was so incredible. I could not recommend this more! 10/10 recommend and will do it again!

- Courtney Burns, Astrologer

What People Say

My Journey To The Akasha

I was born a seeker of mystery. As a child I was fascinated by the moon and played with the fairies in the garden. The older I became, my connection with the fairies deepened.

At the age of 7, I had a mystical moment in the back of our family station wagon at a specific intersection in our neighborhood. I looked down at my arm and asked myself, "Where am I & how did I get here?" In that moment, I knew that everything was not as it seemed. 

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I have studied and experienced pagan teachings, earth-based medicine, shamanic journeying, meditation, pranayama, mindfulness, tarot and dreamwork. When I discovered the Akasha, three years ago, I felt a homecoming. My journeywork to the Records was my Remembering.

The guidance I receive here is the quintessence of benevolence. I feel a depth of gratitude for the opportunity in this lifetime to connect to the frequency of the Akasha, and I am constantly amazed and in awe of the unconditional love from our guides and souls. It is a connection to our true selves that transcend our mundane reality.