Body Wisdom

Our culture dismisses our body's wisdom and imposes its values on how we look. Society commodicizes our bodies and promises bliss if we force ourselves to be physically 'perfect'. 

Our bodies hold an infinite amount of wisdom just waiting to be heard - no matter how they look and feel.

When you slow down and listen to your 'gut feeling' you tap into the ancient, intelligent part of yourself. 

Using somatic practices and processes based on mindfulness and yoga philosophies and movement therapy, I will support you to feel comfortable in your body; to erase some of the societal structures placed on you; to create clear boundaries; and help you to tap into the wisdom your body holds.


Family Wisdom

Our families are often our greatest source of joy and where we struggle most. We are intimately connected not only to our immediate family, but also to our long lineage of ancestors before us. You learned how to be in relationship from your family of origin.

Exploring your family's heritage uncovers trials, tribulations and tales of celebration and loss that may be contributing to your unconscious beliefs and patterns.

Using Family Systems Theory, I will support you to understand the relationship patterns you learned in your family and how they translate into your adult life. We will come up with ways to communicate and manageably step toward the changes you want to make, so you can connect with and celebrate your loved ones.

Earth Wisdom

We are deeply disconnected from Mother Earth and have forgotten how much we are a part of her.

We influence and are influenced by our environment in more ways that we know.

Messages and metaphors exist in the whisperings of trees, the songs birds sing, and the essence of plants.

We can trust the signs Nature gives us. We only need to learn how to look. 

Drawing on Earth-based teachings and my own lifelong relationship to the natural world, I will support you to connect to yourself and the wisdom of Mother Earth.


Mindful Wisdom

While our brilliant minds are a part of what make us human, they also stir up anxiety and intrusive thoughts, causing us to constantly question whether we are making the right decisions... or not.

Mindfulness is the practice of gently guiding the mind to the thoughts you want to focus on.

As you move trauma out of your body, the mind will often hold onto the old stories it knows so well and want to repeat and replay them over and over again just like a broken record on autopilot.


Unless we give the mind a new task, it continues to spin in that old record, driving us crazy. 

Drawing on Eastern-based mindfulness techniques, neuroscience, and my own personal practices, we will work together to find ways to make your mind work for you.

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Juliana Herlaar 

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

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