Letting go of Limiting Beliefs

In order to step fully into your Self, we must first transform the limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks. 

Beliefs like I'm not worthy of a relatiionship, I'm too much, I'm too sensitive, my body is gross.

This is a 12 week program with:

  • powerful questions to get you into the time of self reflection and consideration

  • guided meditations

  • 1:1 sessions with me once a week

  • steps and homework to get you to create attainable goals and see the changes in your life. 

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Boundaries are Love

As a Sensitive and Empath, I used to think my feelings were too much. In my personal and professional experience I have begun to see my emotions as clues to what's happening around me. I have learned - through practice - to put loving boundaries in place to support myself.

Boundaries are often viewed as an iron door, like "you f***ed up". It's our defense mechanism to keep others out and keep us safe. As a Sensitive and Empath, boundaries are imperative in order to support ourselves in this very busy world. Boundaries are actually an opportunity to teach people how to love you.

For boundaries to be effective, we must first cultivate awareness about ourselves and our needs. Our stories and reactions to others are breadcrumbs showing us where we have not put boundaries in place. This causes us to become people pleasers.


Our empathic ability allows us to form healthy boundaries from a place of love. By reframing our beliefs, perspectives and reactions to the world, boundaries become a way that allow the right people in, and keep the wrong people out. This is what counselling is all about. This is what we do.

The Truth Is...

Your sensitivity is a gift.

You are resilient and courageous.

You are infinitely wise.

Your unique story, family and experiences make up the uniqueness that is you.

You have everything you need inside of you.

I guide you as you tune into your inner knowing.


I encourage curiosity about how you live and how you see the world.

I help you set boundaries and reframe your experiences with the people in your life.

I support you to communicate effectively and authentically.

I gently hold you accountable for the changes you desire.

Together, we look at your habits, patterns, relationships and belief systems in order to uncover your unique gifts.

Your willingness to experience something different is all you need to bring to counselling. 


Get the support you need so you can live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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Juliana Herlaar 

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

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