Counselling Sessions

An Invitation for Radical Curiosity 


Life is a Journey & You Are the Creator

Journey to your intuition.
Embody your authentic self.
Express your unique voice.
Discover your dreams.


Together we will:

  • create an intention to guide us on our journey

  • gather information about your past & present

  • tap into your future dreams

  • create an individualized plan to support you

  • create steps & practices to implement into your life

  • explore the realm of feelings & limiting beliefs

  • become familiar with your family rules

  • explore your spiritual connection

  • bring radical curiosity to your story

  • hold compassion for your past, present & future


I will:

  • walk beside you

  • bring all my skills & experience

  • understand your experience in the world

  • co-create with you

  • hold you accountable

  • create tangible practice steps

  • support you to create a life you love

  • believe in your innate wisdom

  • empower you

  • hold your heart


Your role is to: 

  • bring your unique self

  • come with an open mind

  • be willing to see things differently

  • desire change

  • be curious

  • be willing to experience life differently

  • be ready to feel your feelings

  • be willing to lean into trusting yourself

  • be willing to tune into your body

  • choose what you want

Your Desire for a Fulfilling Life is Your Birth Right 


Empathic & Sensitive Souls are attuned to the needs of other people, sensitive to animals, connected to the earth and feel deeply. Our sensitivity allows us to see and experience life in a magical way.

We are often seen as too emotional or too sensitive. Society often tells us who we should be, what we should feel, how we should look and how to make decisions.

These messages are overwhelming and exhausting and often lead us into anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia and unsatisfying relationship dynamics. 


My integrative approach helps you to filter through the endless information, advice, and pressures surrounding you. I support you to reconnect with your body, your intuition and the strengths inherent in your sensitive nature. 


I Invite You to Look Within


When we seek the answers outside of ourselves. We leave a part of us behind. We jump into future planning. We live with the 'shoulds' & the 'could haves' & the 'what ifs'. 


What if all you need is inside you? What if the freedom you seek is the quiet whisper of your intuition, the flow of your emotions and the solidity of your body?

I invite you on a journey within.