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Human Design

Your Soul Has A Plan

What Is Human Design?

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science.


It is a union of:

  • Western Astrology 

  • The Chinese, I’Ching

  • The Kabbalah (Tree of Life)

  • The Hindu Chakra System

  • Quantum Physics. 

Your Human Design chart is formulated using your birth date, time, and location.


Your chart is your unique energetic template about your life path, your decision making authority, your work style, your relationship template, how you experience energy in the world, and most importantly, how to create a truly meaningful and authentic life.

When you learn your Human Design blueprint, you open to integrating with your authentic soul expression.

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Find Your Unique Strategy

Life is not meant to be cookie cutter.

What works for one person, may not work for you.

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Your Human Design Chart reveals:

  • an accurate guide to your personality.

  • direction and counsel on how you can deal with challenges in your life.

  • your personal “formula” for creating what you want in your life.

  • your strengths, your weaknesses and your potential in all areas of your life.

  • how to prepare for repetitive difficulties that you may encounter or have already noticed.

  • how you can nurture and support yourself when you feel stuck.

  • solid, workable strategies to help you discover exactly what you need to do to bring out the best of who you are in your life.

Quantum Human Design Readings

All sessions include access to the video replay, a pdf write up of your energetics, 

a copy of your Human Design mandala,

and personalized recommendations and resources.  


Quantum Human Design ™ Reading - 60 minutes



  • Your Type, Strategy & Authority.

  • Your potential conditioning patterns.

  • How your unique energy can affect money, relationships, parenting, health, and lifestyle.

  • What motivates you and what keeps you grounded so you can step into your life and soul’s purpose.

  • Teachings and practices to communicate more powerfully. 

  • Action Steps to begin de-conditioning & living as your authentic Self.

The Origin of Human Design

Human Design was originally transmitted to a Canadian man named, Alan Robert Krakower, later known as Ra Uru Hu. In 1987, Ra had a mystical experience in Ibiza. He described an encounter lasting 8 days, with what he called 'The Voice'. This was a download of a information that we now know as Human Design. Ra dedicated his life to teaching the Human Design system until his death in 2011. 

Human Design & Quantum Human Design™
What's the Difference?

Quantum Human Design ™ was developed by Karen Curry Parker. She personally knew and worked with Ra over many years.


Out of the knowledge that words create and our DNA responds to language, Karen created Quantum Huma Design ™. It is a new Human Design language deliberately engineered to bring forward a positive, powerful and empowering, higher vibrational frequency expression.

Traditional Human Design is here to shock and wake people up and speak to the not-self.

Quantum Human Design™ uses high vibrational wording and explores more of an expansive nature of growth and potentiality. 

When we combine the wisdom and perspectives from these living systems, you are able to ground into your energy AND then step into more potential of your energy. 

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