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 Embodiment Sessions

The Non Linear

Movement Method®

Let Your Body Speak

The Non Linear Movement Method ® (NLMM) is a movement practice that allows you to move what you feel while becoming more sensitized to your body & mind.

NLMM supports a deep intimacy with self.


The practice allows the body to release trauma into flow, open to bodily wisdom, smooth out the nervous system & identify and process emotions.


Sessions are practiced to curated music where the body is free to shift physical stuckness, thought loops & unexpressed emotions.

Continuous movement allows your body's natural intelligence to release overwhelm, stress & emotional tension.

This is a practice of curiosity, exploration & trust.

Movement as a Spiritual Practice

Online Group Classes

Join online in your own home with people from all over the world. Check out class options on Event Brite.

Private 1:1 Sessions

We work together to create an intention before sliding into the movement practice. You receive integration time after the session.

Profound  body wisdom movement & release of stored feelings. I felt very aware of what my body needed to release without censoring my thoughts about it!  
I look forward to practicing this again with Juliana's tender guidance.  

Movement = Flow

  • releases stress

  • unwinds thought loops

  • relieves tension

  • shifts the 'freeze state'

  • releases trauma patterns

  • drops you into the present moment

  • identifies physical stuckness

  • tunes you into your needs

  • unburdens your nervous system

  • encourages a release in the pelvic floor

Non Linear Movement:


  • increased sense of well being & pleasure

  • comfort in discomfort

  • calmed nervous system

  • increased creativity

  • emotions are free to flow

  • deeper connection to self & others

  • increased ability to connect with others

  • physical & energetic grounding

  • awareness of thought patterns

  • an opening in the heart & throat

Benefits of Non Linear Movement:

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