Bridging the Practical with the Magical

Connecting the

Mind, Body & Spirit


Akashic Record Readings

For the sensitive who is:

  • looking for connection to their soul​

  • seeking wisdom beyond the mind

  • seeking guidance from their higher self

  • questioning their ascension process

Counselling Sessions

For the sensitive who is:

  • ​overwhelmed

  • feeling out of control

  • in distress or immediate struggle

  • struggling with anxiety or depression

  • experiencing a sudden change or loss in their life

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Sessions

For the sensitive who:

  • has some knowledge about their limiting beliefs​

  • is curious about the mind/body connection

  • is ready to move through their blocks

  • is looking for a direct approach 

  • wants to transform a specific pattern

Non Linear Movement Method® Classes

For the sensitive who:

  • wants to connect to their free flowing nature

  • wants to ground into their body

  • wants to shift their feelings

  • wants to let go of thought loops

  • feels called to reconnect to their body's wisdom

Spiritual Coaching

For the sensitive who:

  • wants to create a life of magic

  • desires a deeper spiritual connection

  • is ready to align to their soul & soul's purpose

  • wants to discover magic

  • is ready to rise in their power