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A Passion for Inner Wisdom

We live in a world that has taught us to look outside of ourselves for our answers. For confirmation from our parents, our friends, our teachers, our leaders, our bosses. It is a world that has taught us to trust everything we shouldn't trust and nothing we should trust.

I spent so much of my life asking myself these questions.

Who has the answer for me?

Who should I trust to give me the right answer?

What if I get it wrong?

And what do I do when I don't want to do anything that these people and systems are telling me to do???

It was so exhausting!

As a teenager I struggled with depression, anxiety and an overuse of substances. I felt a lot of pain in my heart that confused me because I didn't understand where it came from.

I left home as soon as I graduated high school, on a quest to find myself. I had some amazing experiences. I lived in Edinburgh, picked grapes in the south of France, flew in helicopters over BC mountain ranges and fell in love a few times.

The trouble was, the anxiety, depression, drugs and alcohol came with me. I could never fully enjoy these experiences because I didn't trust myself. I didn't believe in myself. I spent most of my time second guessing my choices. I felt pulled in a million different pieces not knowing who I was at the core. And when I got glimpses of me, I believed I must be wrong.

Yoga to the Rescue

In my late 20s, yoga pulled me in. Hot yoga to be exact. It was a wake up call. Suddenly, in the heat of the room none of my struggles seemed as important. It was so f#ck!n* hot! I learned how to discipline my mind in that room. I had no idea that was what I was doing at the time 😉 I began to feel alive, hopeful, empowered and even some joy. I quit smoking, I reduced drinking and quit my marijuana use.

Yoga pulled me further into its grasp when I stumbled upon Ashtanga Yoga and in a synchronistic bout of unemployment and cheap rent, I was able to do a yoga education program where I learned all about Pranayama (the power of the breath), Kriyas (cleansing practices), Chanting and Meditation.

2 weeks into my pranayama practice, I noticed a stillness land in my mind. A stillness I'd never experienced before. I was hearing the world differently. I could hear my thoughts. I could choose which ones to pay attention to. And I experienced a glorious silencing of my mind when I was breathing. Focusing only on counting and the inhale and the exhale.

What a relief! It was like 20 pounds lifted off me. 20 pounds that had only been filled with doubt and questions and low self worth.

Even though yoga was my sanctuary and I used the stillness and the challenge of my yoga practice as a metaphor for life. I was still looking for answers outside of me. I still had low self worth. I still doubted my own intuition. I didn't even really know what it meant to trust myself or my intuition.

Emotional Transformation

Just as yoga found me, so did Clearmind International. Here, I spent 3 years working through their counselling training program and an additional couple of years taking different personal growth programs. I did countless hours of personal emotional processing. Cried rivers of tears. Expressed decades of fear, anger and trauma. I was held in a place of acceptance that I'd never experienced before.

Our world doesn't teach us how to communicate authentically. We are not taught that our vulnerability can be our greatest strength. We are not guided to tap into the Inner Wisdom of our own soul.

I learned how to do this in this community. And I connected to myself like never before. I held compassion for myself. I learned to love myself. I learned to trust myself. I learned to know who to trust. I learned that my life and all of my experiences are gifts of transformation and evolution.

This is how my business, Inner Wisdom Wellness, was born.

I had returned to my own Inner Wisdom and now I was ready to support other people to connect to their own.

The Truth is Your Wisdom is Needed

What would the world be like if we all trusted ourselves? What would the world be like if we were free to express ourselves authentically? What would life be like if we were taught to listen to the little voice inside of us that guides and loves us? What would the world be like if we honoured each others differences - even if we didn't understand them?

Supporting You to be You!

My heart's work is now supporting beautiful souls like you to integrate your own pain, beliefs and worth so that you can fully step into the truth of who you are. So you can let go of external expectations and constraints and step into the true expression of yourself.

Whether you're looking for 1:1 counselling, coaching, or Human Design readings, (check out how Human Design found me here) I would be honored to support you. I am filled with deep gratitude for the wisdom and power and truth that lies within you waiting to be remembered.

Your wisdom is needed. Your perspective is needed. Your truth is needed. Your heart is needed. You need it. You deserve it. You are worth it.