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Chaos at the Beginning

You know when you're starting something new? It could be a project, a new job, or you've started learning about a new subject. You know that feeling that may be overwhelm or uncertainty? Questioning: Where do you start? Can you do this? Will it work?

I experience this the other day when I started putting in my very first garden. This moment of overwhelm, of feeling the power and enormity of the task. Then I took a breath and began pulling big stones out of the soil and reminded myself that this was my summer art project and my intention was to have fun.

This is the energy in the Gates (related to the Gene Keys, read about those here). The Gates are are placed in the wheel of astrology and every 6 days (or so), the sun moves into a new Gate highlighting an energy potential in the individual and the collective.

The Sun has moved into Gate 3, the Gate of Innovation and Chaos.

I invite you to watch the video below to learn more about it. Enjoy! 💜

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