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Earth Magic

Mother Earth is life. We live on her, we create our homes, build our wealth, feed our families all from her resources. We would not exist without the Earth.

Earth brings us wisdom and answers to our questions in each moment through imagery, metaphor and the language of plants and animals. Our role is to learn how to listen and to learn what Earth's language means to us.

I spend a lot of time interpreting what our natural world is imparting on me while I walk through city streets, forested landscapes and Pacific ocean rocky beaches. I use my own experience, my own knowledge, my own feelings and my own intuition to decipher what messages are being given to me. And I believe each and every person can draw wisdom from their surroundings.

So today let's play a game!

These three earth beings have been coming into my awareness strongly in the last week.

Take a deep breath and choose one of the images below. And then scroll down for a message from the Earth.

Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Much love to you.


1. Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron are ancient and full of wisdom. Heron moves slowly and strikes quickly. Heron is here to teach patience. To wait for the perfect moment. To be comfortable in the waiting and to breathe into the stillness.

Heron are majestic and unexpected. They are at home in the air, in trees, on land and at the water's edge. They are glorious and stately in their ability. Heron teaches us about adaptability. She brings the wisdom of wonder and amazement.

What is possible in this current situation? Where can you bring more adaptation into your life? How can you bring more stillness and patience into your life?

2. Western Red Cedar

Cedar is here today to remind us that you can be flexible and strong simultaneously. The strength of Cedar actually is born from Cedar's ability to bend and sway in Pacific West Coast blustering winds.

In order to be strong and stand tall while remaining flexible, it is imperative to surround yourself with like minded people. With soul friends who speak your language, who bend and flex with you.

Cedars grow together in groves to shelter each other from the wind. When Cedars stand on their own they are more likely to fall.

Who will stand strong beside you when the wind is coming through strongly? Who do you choose to stand beside you in your life? How can you cultivate more support in your life? What does support look like for you?

3. Hummingbird

Hummingbird is here today to bring you energy. We have two species here on the West Coast. Anna's Hummingbird stays year round and Rufous travels down to Mexico in the winter. These two species remind you of your resiliency and fortitude, your inherent capacity to fly during cold winters and long journeys.

Hummer is here to remind you today that even the tiniest of being creates huge impact. She is here to remind you to pay close attention to what you may not see easily. Open your eyes and look beyond your regular vision. Listen deeply, if you pay attention Hummingbird is calling all the time. Look up! He is often sitting on the top of tree branches. Deep listening is the practice of being fully present with another person or your surroundings. You will be amazed at what you will hear. Hummer reminds you that if you look closely you will find magic. Magic in the mundane is everywhere.

How can you celebrate you and your magic? What do you need to open your eyes to? Where can you listen more deeply? Have you acknowledged yourself lately for all your hard work, your resiliency and your fortitude? Celebrate yourself and your magic!