Embodying Sovereignty

What does Sovereign mean?

The traditional dictionary definition of sovereign is defined as, 'Supreme Ruler' or 'Possessing supreme or ultimate power' which is related to royalty or government. In today's, spiritual meaning of Sovereign, it relates to personal power, freedom and choice.

My personal definition of sovereignty is to live fully in your truth and heart while making choices that are true to you.

In order to do this you need to become curious and question your beliefs and perspectives about yourself and the world. What is your truth underneath what you learned in your family system, government system, school system or country that you grew up in? Now that's a big question! Because who are you without everything that you were born into?

To be Sovereign means to understand that:

  1. The systems in which you grew up have profound, and often unconscious, influence on your beliefs, and perspectives about the world and yourself.

  2. It is ok to question and become curious about these beliefs.

  3. Fear often influences the beliefs that were created by the systems that you grew up in.

  4. When you begin to question your ingrained beliefs, you may experience feelings of discomfort in your emotional and physical bodies.

  5. To access your ultimate truth is to cour