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Foxglove Freedom

One form of mindfulness that I practice, is being present and aware of my surroundings as I walk. This is a practice found in buddhism. It is a method that cultivates connection, embodiment and presence. The practitioner walks while using all their senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, sounds, to really focus on what surrounds them.

I love this practice because it really allows me to sink into my body, the space around me, the colours I see, the sounds I hear and the scents I smell. I also find that I the more I notice, the more I notice the subtle messages and signs from the Earth.

As you begin to cultivate a practice of noticing, you will begin to naturally track what you experience. The human mind loves to notice repetitive patterns and solve puzzles. It gets super busy thinking about all the daily problems it wants to solve for you. When you give your mind the job of noticing your senses, it will support you in creating a sense of space and peace within yourself.

As you begin to practice the art of noticing you will begin to see, feel and hear things differently. You may notice the same colour or sound or animal around you consistently. This is for you. I encourage you to gently contemplate what this may be for.

In the last month, I've been seeing foxgloves everywhere! In gardens, in the forest, on the side of the highway, growing out of a dirt pile next to a gravel road. I've seen foxgloves before but they've never had this level of impact on me. When I see something consistently that there is a message in it for me.

The other morning, on Gabriola Island, I sat down with my morning coffee and allowed the messages of Foxglove to come through. And what emerged was not only for me but also for you.


Foxglove's Message

Grow where you want! There is no stopping you. You will be surprised and delighted. Your answers may emerge in the least likely of places.

It does not matter where you grow, as long as you remain you. As long as you are unique and bloom only as you can. The bees will come. You will grow flowers and will be sweet.

It does not matter where you grow just as long as you are you.

Strong, sturdy, beautiful.

Your strength and your resiliency and your adaptability is a gift.

You know what you want.

Grow tall where the soil is fertile.

Be clear about who you are and you will bloom where you land.


If you'd like to learn more about mindfulness and creating space in your mind, contact me.

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