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Into Your Heart ❤️

Would you like to practice dropping into your heart? ❤️

This practice is a nourishing and beneficial way to move out of fear and into the truth of who you are. I invite you to either watch the video below or, if you're like me and prefer to read, there's a written explanation too :)

The Practice

I've been thinking about the difference between the way we think negatively about ourselves and the world in relation to how we also want to feel gratitude and love. The negativity bias and gratitude are two opposing energies that exist simultaneously in the human experience.

The negativity bias is a hard-wired instinctual mechanism built into humans to see the danger in order to keep ourselves safe from harm or death. The energy of gratitude and love remind us that we are spirits living a human experience. At the core of our beingness we are pure love.

So these two parts of us this pure love, and this negativity bias contradict one another, and create a friction in our minds and bodies. If the negativity bias (which could also be called the ego or the strategic self) is working to always keep us safe then it is important to create a practice where we can drop into and feel that experience of truth that we can also experience love and gratitude.

Practice to Drop Into Your Heart:

  • Close your eyes

  • Bring your attention and awareness to your breath. Allow the breath to move in and out of the body.

  • Feel your seat on the object underneath you that is supporting your body right now. Whether you're standing, sitting or lying down.

  • Once you've found your breath, energetically and in your mind's eye, drop yourself into your heart space.

  • This may take practice. To support this, place your hand on your heart, dropping all of your energy and focus into your heart space.

  • On your next inhale, inhale the breath into the heart. Allow the breath to support th carrying you into that heart space.

  • And then on the next inhale as you breathe in, expand that heart space.

  • And it might help to repeat the mantra love or compassion or gratitude, expanding that heart with each inhale and on your exhale imagine that love going out into the world exiting your body and surrounding you and your environment.

  • Perhaps you visualize it as this little pink cloud or mist. Just filling up your space

  • and then when you inhale, bringing the prana the life force energy into the heart, expanding the heart.

  • And then exhaling, allowing all of the love to exit your body and surrounding your space.

Now you can hold this and continue this as long as you want. And you know that this is always accessible to you. And so when that negativity bias, those negative thoughts that strategic self that ego mind comes in. I invite you to try this practice, so that you begin to integrate these two parts of yourself these two aspects of yourself. We are whole human beings, and it's about integrating and learning how to work, all these different parts of us together. So knowing that your default is that negativity can be. The to keep the body safe, and knowing that your truth who you are at a soul level is love.

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