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Leap of Faith

When I'm about to do something that feels scary to me. Terrifying. Completely out of my comfort zone. I often picture one of my favourite movies - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

It's at the end when Indy needs to reach the Holy Grail to save his father, the formidable Sean Connery, from dying.

Of course, he's got to navigate through these booby traps. And it's when he comes to the part. Where he stands on the edge of a chasm and he realizes it's a Leap of Faith. He realizes in that moment that he needs to believe in something greater than himself. He puts his hand on his heart and he steps out.

And what do you know? There is a walkway across the treacherous cliffs that he just couldn't see.

I channel Indianna often. When I'm scared. When I need to speak my truth. When I don't know what to do and I need to listen to my heart.

Sometimes we just have to trust. Trust in Ourselves. Trust in the Universe. Trust in God. Trust in Others.

When did you last do something that felt scary to you? How did you step through that fear? If you chose not to step off the edge how would you imagine yourself taking the Leap of Faith next time?

With curiosity,


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