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Possibility in the Void

What happens for you when you run into silence? When suddenly, out of nowhere there's nothing to do, nothing to say, nowhere to go? Does it leave you feeling uncomfortable? Do you rush to fill in the space? Do you find ways to numb yourself? Or do you lean into the space, into the silence? Do you step into the void?

This is what my latest video is about. The infinite possibility available to you at any given moment lives in the space between the action.

You can watch the video below. ⬇️

Or continue reading to learn some more about the Gene Keys.

What are the Gene Keys & Gates?

The Gene Keys and Gates (I use these terms interchangeably) are related to a system known as Human Design. The Human Design system works in synthesis with Western Astrology (along with the I'Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakra system and Physics). Just as the sun moves through different astrological signs like Taurus or Gemini, it also moves through more subtle aspects known in astrology as the degrees. This is where the Gates are illuminated.

Approximately every 6 days, the sun moves into a different Gene Key. This Gene Key has a particular energy which highlights a particular archetypal energy pattern in the collective which is correlated to the Chinese I'Ching, also known as the Book of Changes. The I'Ching is an ancient Chinese text used for divination.

What is Archetypal Energy?

Archetypes appear in the collective unconscious of humanity and in cultures around the world. They are expressed through legends, fables, novels and superhero movies and create psychological responses in our society. Some familiar archetypes are: the hero, the trickster, the wise woman, the warrior, the fool, the devil, the caregiver. Archetypes are stories woven through the fabric of humanity. You are constantly creating your own story. Archetypes transition through what is often known as the Hero's Journey. Where the archetype moves from the Shadow aspect of itself to the Luminous expression. In essence, in order to embody the gifts you are here to share with the world, you need to move through your shadow so you can integrate all of the gifts that are available to you there.

These energies have a strong influence on how our world operates and you have access to all of the qualities of these archetypes. You may notice your own version of archetypes which arise in dreams, ways you speak, your imagination or strong feelings like anger or guilt that seem to arise out of nowhere. This is often a sign that archetypal energy is being brought forward to be expressed through you.

Every 6 days, the sun illuminates a particular archetypal energy in the Gene Keys and you may notice a shift in your own mental, emotional or physical state. The videos I create below are designed to share my insight on the different archetypal energies available to us at that time as well as some tips on how to integrate them for yourself.

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