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Sacred Rebels Oracle Card Pull - August 2022

Take a moment, connect to your breath & choose a card (or three!) that are calling you.

The interpretations written are my summary of the message from the deck.

1. 35 - Conscious Connections

There is a call for more intimacy in your immediate relationships. Heart to heart communication can often restore any upset in relationships if you are willing to honor your differences and see what unites you.

We are here to love and be loved, not to judge one another, and to let go of those that cannot accept us as we open up to those who can.

This card brings guidance for you to trust in the sanctity of the connections in your life.

If you have asked to experience more sacred connections with people who 'get' you then this card is letting you know your manifestation is on its way.

If you have asked for healing in current relationships, know this can happen through your expression of your true feelings and allow the situation to fall apart or come together.

Remain open to healing connections and allow people to be close to you (if that's what you want). Trust in the process that draws people in and out of your life. Turn towards the situation and allow the lesson and wisdom to unfold.

2. 18 - Spirals of Manifestation

The creative and rebeliious path of love moves in spirals. Sometimes the mind wants to know the next steps and have a linear path forward. However, there is a genius within you that can you on an alternative route.

You are in the midst of a Spiral Manifestation. Soemthing is being brought into your physical reality. Your manifestation will pop into your reality because it is just around the bend, just out of view on the Spiral.

This card is here to let you know that sometimes when we feel the furthest away from what we want, we are actually closer than ever before. Just one turn on the spiral can see you manifestation taking root in the world. Hold true to your faith and keep taking steps on your progress.

There are perfect synchronicities occuring in your life. These are the Universe speaking directly to you. There is no point in rushing. Live at your right pace so to calm the anxiety that comes from rushing towards your destiny. Life is unfolding in harmony with the path of others. All will align in right timing, harmony and creative love.

3. 37 - Focus on the Light

A force of light is gathering around you. It is attracted to the purity of your intention to create from your heart. As your intention grows, so does the light. As the light grows, so does your intention. Magic wants to happen for you now!

As light grows, as you hold more light, you will be shown shadows and where improvements are being called.

Move towards what is being shown to you. Take care of any beliefs of unworthiness or not enough-ness by returning to the love inside your heart. Return the love you hold for others to yourself.

Remember the intention and power of your heart. Maintain focus on the pure and original motivation of what you are calling in. Your project is unfolding beautifully. Stay focused.

Don't be distracted by other paths around you. Diluting your energies may slow down your success and the world needs your light sooner rather than later. In time you may diversify and explore other ways to express yourself.

*This deck of cards is Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild

*The Interpretation is adapted and interpreted by me, Juliana, from my own contemplations of the cards.

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