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Sacred Rebels Oracle Card Pull - October 2022

Take a moment, connect to your breath & choose a card (or three!) that are calling you.

The interpretations written are my summary of the message from the deck.

1) Receiving

You are so loved. Every need is heard and seen by the Universe. You may forget this by being swept up in the habits of thought and deed, and you forget to pause and take a nice big breath. I invite you to pause right now and breathe in to receive. Allow your breath to nourish you.

Your energy has been putting outward into the world and it is time to bring something back in for you. This is an offering of restoration, nourishment and to feel cared for and loved. You deserve it!

The Universe is in Joy when it has the chance to give to you. Your only role is to receive. Where are you believing that you are not worthy to receive?

You are being called now to receive restoration. To enjoy play. To step away and to switch off. Sacred restoration allows you to then give to the world in a more sustainable and integral way.

2) Legacy of Light

Your ancestral lines - both blood and spirit are standing behind you. They have their hands on your back, supporting you along the way. These are the beings that are cheering you on as you step into your magnificent self.

This card comes to you to gift you confirmation that a creative choice you are making or have made is in alignment with your sacred purpose and spiritual path of healing and growth.

This is a reminder that the loving support that exists for you, every day, is available to you. Your light legacy only needs that you ask, to call upon the support of your lineage.

This card is also asking you to consider if you are holding any fears from your ancestors (blood or spirit) that is not yours. If you intuit a yes, the card invites you to bless the fear, surround it in a violet blue flame of love and return it to your ancestors. It is no longer yours to carry.

3. Shock of the New

There is a stirring at your core to give space to the unconventional voice stirring inside you. To turn towards thoughts, beliefs, ideas, creative projects that feel wildly exciting and scary.

A newness will break through as you shine a light on the unique beauty incubating inside. There are rumblings of creative life force energy happening in the center of your being.

Can you make peace with the unusual beauty growing within? Can you surrender any fear that creeps in about being seen as different, bizarre, quirky or exotic?

This card is here to remind you that "The old way is on its way out." You are being invited into the new! Allow life to show you the way!


*This deck of cards is Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild

*The Interpretation is adapted and interpreted by me, Juliana, from my own contemplations of the cards.

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