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Sacred Rebels Oracle Card Pull - September 2022

Take a moment, connect to your breath & choose a card (or three!) that are calling you.

The interpretations written are my summary of the message from the deck.

1) Heaven Sent - 33

As you receive gifts from others on a physical level, you also receive gifts on a spiritual level.

When you ask for help - consciously or unconsciously - all your requests are answered. You may ask for help through thought, prayer or your heart calling out for some support while you sleep.

There is a loving benevolence assisting you on your life's journey. And you will receive some support on your path in the form of a spiritual gift.

The gift may be symbolic or seemingly ordinary. It may be seeing an animal that lifts your spirits or a bird sitting outside your window or an object that stands out for you in a shop window. There will be something in the energy, shape or colour that speaks you and draws your interest. Your gift may be subtle or it may be a sign that jumps out at you causing you to pause or act. The purpose of the gift is; to lift your spirits, to remind you you are supported and to empower you to move ahead on your life's journey.

Above all, this oracle is here to gently remind you that it is ok to ask for help, to receive loving support and to trust your feelings about the ordinary. There is magic in the mundane and there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

2) What Do You Feel? - 9

Are you being bogged down by choices or other people's opinions? Is it difficult to make a decision right now?

This oracle is coming to you to remind you to return to your feelings in any moment. You may be caught up in your mind, trying to make a decision and feeling overwhelmed.

It is time to return to the direction your body is taking you. You may not know all the steps to get you from one place to the next. But one step will move you along your trajectory and give you information you need to make the next.

Your journey on your path is uniquely yours. There is no one like you in this Multiverse. Your path is yours to create and forge ahead. Be open to feeling a little uncomfortable, to trying something new or to changing things up slightly. Even a small step can change your perception and feeling about a decision. Tap into your own feelings and allow your wisdom to guide you.

3. In the World - Not of the World - 34

This card has come to you to call you into your life. It is time to be all of you, in all your miraculous, magical ways.

You may be noticing past conditioning, beliefs and feelings that are no longer working for you. You have outgrown these ways of being. You are ready to tap into the fullness of your heart.

This oracle is particularly speaking to the conditioning of finances, time, control and productivity. You no longer need to protect yourself by being in control, productive or stable. Life is calling you out to step into trust, abundance and knowing you are ok.

You are being asked to dedicate some time to consider what you truly value. What is of the utmost importance to you to feel supported, free and aligned? You are the Creator of your experience. It is time to choose what matters most to you.


*This deck of cards is Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild

*The Interpretation is adapted and interpreted by me, Juliana, from my own contemplations of the cards.

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