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Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards for April 2023

Take a moment, connect to your breath & choose a card (or three!) that are calling you.

The interpretations written are my summary of the message from the deck.

1) Diving for Light

You are on of the brave who turn towards their shadows. You are one of the courageous who know that there is a brilliant light beyond the shadows.

You may not have consciously chosen this path yet your soul has decided on this journey to call forth a deep personal connection to your power, wisdom, creativity and trust.

The darkness your face may be a creative block, a limiting belief, a sense of being in a void or feelings of despair, rage, depression or fear. There may be no 'reason' for your current experience. And even still you are being called to find acceptance in the Now. You are being called into the depths, so that you can embrace the light within.

This is a spiritual path. You are powerful. Take care of your physicality, your thoughts and emotions on this journey. Nurture yourself. Guard your energy. Find grace and ease in the journey. You are supported.

2) Heaven Sent

You are receiving many gifts right now. They may not be tangible physical gifts. Gifts often come from the Universe, unseen, energetic gifts. In the form of synchronicities, dreams, downloads and new ideas.

You are being reminded that you are divinely supported and loved. Ask for what you need and allow your gifts to come through in the simplest of ways. Through feelings of gratitude or admiration or love.

Let yourself be supported. Trust in your words, your intuition and your voice.

You will be empowered to find the energy to complete tasks or walk along a path that feels challenging and difficult. You are loved and supported, Dear One.

3. After the Storm

A thunderstorm is a way the Universe gathers energy that needs to be released.

You may be entering into a storm or just come out the other side. It is important to acknowledge the storm is not a bad thing. It is a process of releasing what is no longer needed. It is an opportunity to clear the air and make space for the new.

The wise Owl knows this to be a true part of life's natural unfolding.

We can cower from the storm, or stand in its glory, knowing it will only bring freshness in its wake. Find balance within it by acknowledging your lessons, releasing what is no longer needed, dancing in the rain and taking shelter when you are in need of grace and ease.

You are of the earth. This too shall pass. What do you notice on the other side?


*This deck of cards is Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild

*The Interpretation is adapted and interpreted by me, Juliana, from my own contemplations of the cards.