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Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards for February 2023

Take a moment, connect to your breath & choose a card (or three!) that are calling you.

The interpretations written are my summary of the message from the deck.

1) Power and Attraction

Can you keep your heart open to allow in what is coming toward you? There are many new exciting beautiful experiences on their way towards you. Practice knowing this and staying in the present moment. If you are too future focused you may miss out on what is right in front of you.

Remember, there are stages of creation. A house cannot be build without the foundation. Continue to stay focused at the task at hand while periodically checking in on your plans. This will help you remain in the Now while also lending you inspirational energy to keep going.

You will attract whatever is needed to complete your work and bring your dreams into fruition. Trust in the unfolding of life. Take your experiences in and integrate all that you are learning so your manifestation can unfold.

2) Every Journey Wants To Be Written

Life is a journey and so often much of your journey will begin with internal discovery, ah-ha's, revelations and integration. But there will also be a time for external expression. This external demonstration is an important step to fulfilling your soul's calling in this lifetime.

All that you need is within, and more will be revealed as you take the necessary physical steps. Draw on a lightness in your heart. Embody a perspective that change is an adventure and is often what you need to blossom.

Your apparent small steps are more powerful and constructive than you realize. You may not see the manifestation of change in these small steps but this doesn't mean there is nothing happening. Keep going. These steps will cumulate and overflow into a positive result that may surprise you. You have all you need on your journey. Keep going!

3. Collaborative Dreaming

Your dreams are not only for you. You are dreaming for humanity. For a new world of integration, respect, joy, healing, peace, love and abundance for all. Your dreams and what you are creating for yourself will have a powerful impact on the evolution of humanity.

This oracle is calling you to honor your growing desire to co-create with conscious like-minded people. Working with others is an opportunity to learn how to honor yourself and others and to find ways to live and trust in your heart's guidance.

You will encounter challenges and this, this is what it is all about! You do not need to agree all the time. You are being called to honor both yourself and other and come to common understanding and respect. This is the new world that is being birthed through you as you practice.

Stay in your integrity, honor your feelings, remember your intention. You are no longer a lone wolf. You are part of a great collective awakening. Trust your heart.


*This deck of cards is Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild

*The Interpretation is adapted and interpreted by me, Juliana, from my own contemplations of the cards.

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