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Self Care Practices for Autumn

Autumn is a time for change, hibernation, reflection & letting go. Autumn holds a spirit to it of new beginnings. We get to release what no longer serves us & begin again. Autumn contains a promise of shedding Followed by deep rest as we transition into Winter.  It is find it the perfect time to begin new practices.  Self Care Practices get to be whatever fills your Mind, Body or Spirit. They get to be actions or things that nourish you & bring you joy. 7 simple self care practices for Joy & Nourishment

  1. Legs up the wall. Called Viparita Karani in Sanskrit. You can lie on the floor or on your bed. Make sure you have free wall space. Shimmy your hips close to the edge of the wall and then put your legs up so that they are fully supported and your body is in a type of L shape. If you can't straighten your legs, move your hips away from the wall so that your legs are at an angle. There should be no strain in your lower back, hips or hamstrings. This restorative yoga posture allows blood flow to travel back into your torso. It can reduce swelling in the legs, feet and ankles. I find it a great way to get an energy boost when I'm tired or to release energy that I've collected throughout the day. Check out this article on the benefits and how tos of legs up the wall.

  2. Go to bed before you're tired. How often do we go to bed when we are exhausted and then we're too tired to sleep? Try to plan your bedtime so that you can crawl into bed and relax before actually going to sleep. 

  3. Take a spirit bath. I learned this from one of my teachers. Draw a nice hot bath and add in: Epsom salts, sea salts & baking soda. If you can, submerge your whole body including your head. The natural salt neutralizes the energy you've collected throughout the day, creates a grounding energy in your body and the baking soda is not only good for your skin it also is said to also cleanse your energetic aura. Read more about spirit baths here.

  4. Put dimmer switches on your lights. Harsh bright lights can have a huge impact on your circadian rhythms. If you are under bright lights after the sun has gone down this can impact your ability to sleep.

  5. Make yourself a cup of herbal tea. My favourite is peppermint or in the winter months I like to make myself a cup of Turmeric Tea in the evenings. Check out My New Roots and her recipe.

  6. Take conscious breathing breaks. I recommend once an hour, to pause with what you are doing and take 10 breaths where you focus on the inhale and the exhale. This practice brings you into the present moment as well as fills your body & brain with oxygen.

  7. Bring plants into your home. This is one of my all time favourites. Plants filter toxins from the air, they add vibrant green to your space and they add life and a calming energy to a room.

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