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The Gene Keys & The Wisdom Keepers

Have you ever heard of the Gene Keys?

It is a book, a system and a practice that supports you to dive into your genetic makeup, get to know your shadow and transform your fears into gifts. It is an invitation to own that you are your own creator. It is a guide and a companion to support you as you walk along this beautiful and crazy life path.

I stumbled upon The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd a few years ago, shortly after my introduction to Human Design. This transmission speaks of how we carry certain frequencies in our bodies through our DNA. And that these frequencies can be shifted through contemplation and choice so that we can embrace our higher purpose. Find out more about the Gene Keys.

The Gene Keys contains 64 gene keys. This is a significant number in human evolution. It is found in the ancient philosophical system of the I Ching, which has 64 hexagrams. Our DNA sequence contains 64 codon rings. And 64 is integral to physics, biology, music, geometry, architecture and much more.

Each of Gene Key has 3 parts in which through genetic expression transcends. The Shadow, The Gift and The Siddhi.

The Shadow

The Shadows are the expression of the darkest form of our genetic expression. They operate at a lower frequency and are often made up of energies like fear, struggle and addiction. These are the energies that we most typically ignore or want to move through or bypass quickly. Think depression or anxiety. How often do you let yourself feel those energies?

When we step closer to and through The Shadow, we begin to embrace it. This allows us to understand it intimately and treat ourselves and our shadow with compassion. Our Shadows are important aspects of ourselves. They are those tender places of which we protect our greatest fears.

Most of humanity lives in space of the Shadow.

The Gift

With each Shadow comes a gift. When we are seeking to change a belief or way that we identify with the world, we acknowledge that these beliefs and patterns also created some special gifts that deserve to be acknowledged and utilized.

For example: If you want to transform your People Pleasing ways so that you consider yourself and your experience in your relationships, it is important to remember that People Pleasers have incredible gifts. Such as; awareness of the feelings of people around you, empathic abilities, having a great big heart, noticing when someone is struggling by using your intuitive abilities, having a sense as to what someone may need without needing to ask.

So, when you embrace your Shadow (ie: People Pleasing) and dive into this side of yourself, you begin to reveal your True Nature and a new found creativity is released in you. Your biorhythms may change, your chemistry and the frequency at which you live. Over time you begin to notice that how you view the world and interact with the world shifts. Your beliefs about yourself and others will also begin to change. As you begin to live more in your Gifts your heart opens towards yourself, others and especially your Shadow.

The Siddhi

The word siddhi comes from Sanskrit and means divine gift. Siddhis develop over time as an individual begins to practice transforming and transcending the Shadow and Gift frequencies. The Siddhi is often associated with enlightenment, embodiment and self-realization.

What the Gene Keys show us is that the Siddhis are accessible to all humans. Not just the ones that meditate 20 hours a day or renounce all of their possessions.

The Siddhi is a beginning point to connect to your Higher Self and your Divine Birth Right. It is an opportunity to be curious, dive in and transform.


The Gene Keys is a practice and contemplation. There is no one way through. It is incredibly personal and you will move from Shadow to Gift to Siddhi and then back again. It is a circular process that ebbs and flows based on what you are experiencing in your life.

The Wisdom Keepers

The Wisdom Keepers Guidebook, created by Rosy Aronson, PhD, is a gorgeous deck of oracle cards that I work with regularly. It is based on the Gene Keys and contains wisdom in the words and the art work.

Each week, I will be drawing 3 of these cards for you to choose as support as you move through the week. I will then give the interpretation from the guidebook and my own interpretation.

These interpretations and wisdoms are for you. I encourage you to take in what lands for you and to leave whatever doesn't.

Use your discernment. Wisdom comes in all forms and sometimes only a portion of the message will resonate. Please take whatever you feel is for you.