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The Path of Least Resistance

Do you ever get bogged down by the 'shoulds' running around through your mind? Do you ever have grand plans for your day and then nothing goes how you originally planned?

Your mind loves to create plans based what it believes your life 'should' look like. The planning mind creates visions of the future based on expectations that were created from past experiences.

This happened to me the other day when I had all this space in my day. I had specific plans on how I would be productive and get shit done. In the past couple months, these wide open days have led to plenty of opportunity to work on courses and business planning that ended up being quite productive. Well, this was definitely not going to be true for me on this day. Every time I began something, I felt as though I was slogging through mud. I had zero inspiration and I spent a couple hours just staring at my computer screen.

Look to the Earth

And then, I looked outside to see all the glorious orange and yellow maple leaves falling. This brought me right back into the present and I remembered my favourite lesson from our Earth - Follow the Path of Least Resistance. I was stuck. I was hung up in my head and I was trying to force myself into a way of being because I had made up my mind that that was going to be how my day looked.

So, instead, I took myself for a walk and I observed all the ways the Earth follows the path of least resistance.

The river moved as one, down from the Mount Benson into Westwood Lake. The leaves landed on the water and allowed themselves to be carried downstream. The Hemlock grew its roots around the rock so it could reach the best soil. Cedar branches swayed with the wind. A squirrel jumped gingerly from one branch to another, using the momentum of each limb to propel it along to the next one.

All around us we are gifted with the wisdom of the Earth and she often lets us know that the path of least resistance is the one filled with the most ease. Get out of your shoulds and be with what is.

Pause & Try Something Different

Next time your plans aren't turning out how you want them to. Pause and try a different course of action.

  • If your computer is being slow, step away and make yourself a cup of tea.

  • If your partner isn't understanding what you're saying, take a break, and come back to the conversation. Or ask them what they're hearing you say.

  • If you're not sure you want to go to a social event, pause and allow yourself space to be in the uncertainty. Give yourself permission to say no.

There is gold in the not knowing. There is truth in the pause. When you allow yourself space, even just for the count of an inhale and exhale, you may very well discover ease and a solution to your struggle.

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