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Weekly Wisdom Keepers Oracle - July 16, 2021

Your Wisdom Card

Every Shadow contains a Gift. Every Gift contains Magical Wisdom.

When you embrace your Shadow, you embody your Gifts.

When you embody your Gifts, you claim your inherent Wisdom.

Take a moment. Connect with your breath.

Choose the card that calls to you.

Continue reading below for your weekly contemplation.

*I've been noticing, as I pull cards each week, that some of the Wisdom Keepers bless us with their messages again and again. These messages are not only for us on an individual level, they are also themes of the energies and beliefs that are being shifted as a collective.

1. LIGHTNESS - Key 30

Gift: Lightness

Shadow: Desire

Siddhi: Rapture

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

He brings you good and bad news. The bad: You are not in control of your destiny, and you are never going to get rid of your Desires. The good: Accepting this bad news will free you to trust in life. It's time to fully feel your Desires, and to realize that feeling them doesn't mean acting on them indiscriminately, or repressing them. You can welcome a Desire into your home without allowing it to control your life. Being human is quite a trip and Life is quite a game. A comedy and tragedy all at once. You might as well enjoy the ride. Keep a sense of humor. Do not pretend to live lightly. Embrace and emanate a true Lightness of being. With such an attitude, you won't need to fear your feelings, no matter how painful. A Lightness will burn so bring in you, it'll beam out of your eyes, no matter what is happening.

Questions from Juliana:

  • Desire is like Hunger. What do you hunger for? What can you not stop longing for?

  • What attachment follows your Desire?

  • What will you do to attain what you Desire?

  • How can you cultivate a sense of humor throughout your life?

Practice Suggestions from Juliana:

  • The shadow of Desire and the gift of Lightness are a paradox. When we Desire something, the human default is to cling to it. The gift of Lightness is telling us that we must surrender into the void of not having what we Desire. It calls forth the energy of being content with the way life is right now. Being present in this moment. Consider: What do you Desire? Allow yourself to imagine your desires not coming to pass. Can you be with the discomfort of knowing that right now, everything is just as it needs to be?

  • What humans truly Desire, is to end our own suffering. This calling draws us on a path of uncovering and discovery. When we receive our Desires and they are different than we imagines, we may consider this a failure or a mistake. What if the lessons we learned were invaluable? Contemplate: How has what you Desired led you to learn lessons and make new choices?


Gift: Non-Attachment/Dettachment

Shadow: Expectation

Siddhi: Celebration

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

Non-attachment is here to remind you that everything in life must come to an end, so that something new can be born. It is time to surrender to your life and accept your death. This does not mean you stop desiring, caring or feelings. In fact, he wants you to feel and breathe even more intensely than you ever have. Nor does this mean you can't hold Expectations. Just hold them lightly without attachment. Trust the intelligence of your life, with its ebbs and flows, joys and pains. Even the most sorrowful states can be enjoyed if you can let your attachments fall away. Remember, you are an unfolding talke, its author and reader, all at once. Never miss an opportunity to celebrate your magnificent self and life.

Questions from Juliana:

  • What expectations do you hold? Of yourself, your partner, your job, your children?

  • If an expectation doesn't go as planned, how do you react? How does that impact your state of being?

  • What is your response to the word non-attachment or detachment?

  • Can you trust the ebbs and flows of life?

Practice Suggestions from Juliana:

  • Expectation takes us out of the present moment. When we hold an expectation to someone or something, we are attempting to control the person or the outcome of the situation. Notice: How do you try to control the outcomes of situations in your life? Are you trusting the person or life when you try to control?

  • When we are no longer in the present moment and are trying to predict or control outcomes, we shut off what life may be trying to offer us. We think we know what would make a situation better but what if the less we hold expectations, the more magic could occur? Journal: what good things happened in my life that I never could have predicted or controlled the outcome of?

  • Non-attachment or Detachment does not mean to not feel. In fact, the more we detach to an expectation, the more we open to emotions to coursing through us, as we ride the ebbs and flows of life. Notice: when your expectations arise. Can you create a time to pause, take a breath and focus solely on that moment. Experience the feelings that arise in the pause, the breath and the moment. Allow them to ebb and flow.

3. INQUIRY - Key 63

Gift: Inquiry

Shadow: Doubt

Siddhi: Truth

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

He comes to celebrate your love of Inquiry, but also to remind you that your inquisitive mind and gift for doubting are best used in service of the world, not in service of beating yourself up. See if you can remain genuinely curious about life, without insisting on finding answers. Stay open to learning as your understanding of life becomes increasingly complex and paradoxical. Be curious about your own suffering, for it will open your compassionate heart.

One day your brilliant mind will lead you back to yourself. And how could it not? You are forever intertwined with everything you've ever learned.

Questions from Juliana:

  • How active is your imagination?

  • Do you relate more to logic, to imagination or to a combination of both?

  • Do you keep self-doubt to yourself? How can you share your self-doubt with others?

  • Can you remain open to possibilities that have not yet been proven or experienced by you?

Practice Suggestions from Juliana:

  • Doubt is born when our imagination lays dormant. Notice: when did you stop imagining? Cultivate: a practice of dreaming and imagining. Allow your mind to dream just like a child.

  • Doubt is an energy that exists in the collective. When we carry self-doubt, we limit our inherent creativity and natural force to expand. Notice: where and when do you doubt yourself. Would you like to experience something different?

  • Inquiry is about remaining open to possible and releasing the need to have a clearly defined answer. Journal: where would you like to begin to embody the practice of inquiring about life? How can you bring more curiosity and openness to your inquisitive nature?

*This deck of cards is The Wisdom Keepers by Rosy Aronson, PhD

*The Gift from the Wisdom Keeper is adapted from The Wisdom Keepers' Guidebook

*The Questions & Practices are cultivated by me, Juliana, from my own contemplation with the cards & the Gene Keys. You can read more about the Gene Keys here.