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Weekly Wisdom Keepers Oracle - July 2, 2021

Your Wisdom Card

Every Shadow contains a Gift. Every Gift contains Magical Wisdom.

When you embrace your Shadow, you embody your Gifts.

When you embody your Gifts, you claim your inherent Wisdom.

Take a moment. Connect with your breath.

Choose the card that calls to you.

Continue reading below for your weekly contemplation.

*I've been noticing, as I pull cards each week, that some of the Wisdom Keepers bless us with their messages again and again. These messages are not only for us on an individual level, they are also themes of the energies and beliefs that are being shifted as a collective.

1. INTEGRITY - Key 18

Gift: Integrity

Shadow: Judgment

Siddhi: Perfection

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

Integrity is here to help you complete your childhood. It takes courage to uncover the wounds from your past. As you release yourself from the messages and modeling that no longer serve you, you will be free to see and receive the gifts from your parents with a soft, compassionate heart. When you are truly in your Integrity, it won't be possible to take the judgements of others personally, or to identify as a victim - of yourself or anyone else. This is not a path to be walked alone, so reach out for support. Allow a friend, therapist, mentor or spiritual counsellor to accompany you as you revisit those painful experiences that hardened your heart, made you feel inferior or superior, or kept you from expressing yourself freely and connecting deeply. Over time, you will learn to judge not from the mind, but from the heart.

Questions from Juliana:

  • Do you see yourself or others as victims?

  • What is your relationship with yourself? How well do you know yourself?

  • How often are you judging yourself and others?

  • How often do you worry, gossip or complain about the activities of others?

  • What beliefs did you develop from your childhood or past that influence you today?

Practice Suggestions from Juliana:

  • When you notice a judgement, ask yourself where did this judgement come from? How has my family, my education and my country influenced this judgement that I have?

  • Can you begin shifting your judgements into acts of observation? Observe what you experience and hold your observation with curiosity.

  • Journal - how would you like to know yourself more intimately? Where would you like to understand yourself more fully?

  • Begin considering ways that you would like to embody yourself fully. Where in your life would you like to show up more fully as you?

2. INITIATIVE - Key 51

Gift: Initiative

Shadow: Agitation

Siddhi: Awakening

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

Initiative is not here to lead you; but to Initiate you. It is time to step off the beaten track, release everything you've ever been taught and embrace an entirely new way of being. Though you may stand upon the shoulders of others, in the end only you can take the leap. There is no safety net. No way to avoid fear. If you want to transcend fear, move through it. Honor your creative impulses, wherever they take you. Let your awe-filled heart lead you back to your own heart. Good fortune is inevitable when you trust the love inside of you. If you do have a need to compete, do not compete with others. Funnel your competitive urges into your own creativity. And soon you will find competition replaced by deeply fulfilling collaboration.

Questions from Juliana:

  • What is your relationship to Trust?

  • Do you trust yourself? Do you trust other people? Do you trust the Universe?

  • Are you competitive? Do you believe there is only so much of one thing (love/money/career) to go around?

  • Do you believe you have to fight for what you want?

  • What are your dreams that you feel afraid to step towards?

  • Can you find a sense of safety and security within yourself?

Practice Suggestions from Juliana:

  • Journal about what you would do and where you would go if you didn't have anything to worry about or where. There are no restrictions. You have all the money, time and people you need. What would you do?

  • Notice where you compete with other people. Consider where this notion of competition was created from? Who taught you that you needed to compete to find love/earn a living/have a home?

  • Notice if there is anyone in your life who seems to trust what the Universe is bringing them. Do they leap even if it logically doesn't make sense? Consider what it would be like for you to do this. What would it be like to leap towards one of your dreams?

3. TEAMWORK - Key 44

Gift: Teamwork

Shadow: Interference

Siddhi: Synarchy

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

Teamwork comes to you today to remind you that you always attract the relationships that teach you exactly what you need to know in order to grow. The more you trust that people are in your life for a reason, the more you'll be able to learn the relational lessons you need to learn, and the better your judgement will be when it's time to choose new partners, friends and collaborators. Start trusting your instincts. Start smelling the people in your life. Ask yourself, "Who are my true allies?" You have the potential to experience more trust, harmony and Teamwork in groups that you can possibly imagine. When you've found your true team, your destiny will naturally and magically unfold.

Questions from Juliana:

  • Who do you trust in your life?