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Weekly Wisdom Keepers Oracle - July 30, 2021

Your Wisdom Card

Every Shadow contains a Gift. Every Gift contains Magical Wisdom.

When you embrace your Shadow, you embody your Gifts.

When you embody your Gifts, you claim your inherent Wisdom.

Take a moment. Connect with your breath.

Choose the card that calls to you.

Continue reading below for your weekly contemplation.

*I've been noticing, as I pull cards each week, that some of the Wisdom Keepers bless us with their messages again and again. These messages are not only for us on an individual level, they are also themes of the energies and beliefs that are being shifted as a collective.

1. RESTRAINT - Key 52

Gift: Restraint

Shadow: Stress

Siddhi: Stillness

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

Restraint comes to relieve you of your stress, and to remind you that everything in nature (including you) has its own timing and growth pattern. Your intentions are like seeds. If you start something from a place of fear, the seed of fear will permeate the entire endeavor. So if you want your dreams to grow and thrive, just hold a clear intention, infuse it with goodwill and trust that your dreams know just how and when to bloom. It's time to befriend Restraint. Practice patience. Learn how not to interfere. Let your life dreams unfold without too much pushing or prodding. And remember, more often that not, growth and transformation take place below ground, and the greatest seeds take the longest to germinate.

Questions from Juliana:

  • How much stress and pressure do you feel?

  • Is that stress yours?

  • When you feel stress, do you collapse with it or do you push harder?

  • What is your relationship to patience?

Practice Suggestions from Juliana:

  • When we experience stress, it is sometimes our own and often it is the stress of the auric fields around us. Stress is created by the underlying feeling of fear that your hopes, desires and dreams will not manifest. And the entire world carries this fear. Consider: What are you afraid will not manifest for you? What do you think are some of the collective fears?

  • Stress can manifest in one of two ways. We feel stuck. Or we feel restless. Stuckness is like an internal collapse and a loss of hope. Restlessness is permeated with impatience and a lack of trust. When we create intentions for what we want in our lives, we then become frustrated with the length of time it may take, unaware of the invisible forces that must come together to create your desires. A seed must first grow roots before it bursts through the soil and begins to grow leaves. Journal: What seeds, intentions, hopes have you planted that you are becoming impatient with? If your hopes and dreams were a seed, what actions would you take in order to nurture its growth?

  • Restraint is the practice of patience. Restraint is the balance between action and passivity. When you are growing fruit, you must not under or over water, and you must trust that the seed knows how to transform into fruit. Practice: Patience. When you are waiting for your morning coffee or for a friend, pull your eyes away from the clock and go within. Breathe. Acknowledge the restlessness or frustration or questioning about the time. And breathe. And breathe again. Can you trust that your coffee or your friend will arrive at the right time?


Gift: Understanding

Shadow: Intolerance

Siddhi: Forgiveness

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

Understanding is here to hold you with love and patience as you struggle to figure out your life, form your opinions or defend your feelings. She is here to invite you to use your beautiful mind to do what its' best at. Let it play, research, communicate and serve this world of ours. Let it build bridges of compassion and help people learn how to release their biases and intolerances so that we can all see and celebrate the bigger picture.

At some point your hard-working mind will exhaust itself and you will break free into a new way of bring, where true Understanding fills your belly and emanates from your heart. For now, she asks that you begin by forgiving yourself. Soon you will no longer doubt that you - and the whole world - are so much more worthy and wonderful than what your busy mind could ever comprehend.

Questions from Juliana:

  • What are you intolerant of?

  • How does this intolerance impact your life? Where does it keep you stuck?

  • Do you find that you overthink and become paralyzed with indecision?

  • How does it feel to be in a place of not knowing? Are you comfortable there? Do you want to find answers? What happens if you don't have an answer?

Practice Suggestions from Juliana:

  • The logic of the mind is not here to take sides. The true essence of logic is the practice of remaining objective but in fear, objectivity no longer exists and the logic becomes subjective on a personal and collective level. Notice: Where do you choose sides? Where do you hold biases?

  • True Understanding only comes through experience. Until you have experienced something on a physical or emotional, the mind can only grasp a fraction of what you seek to understand. Journal: What are you looking to understand or integrate into your life? How can you take practice steps to have an experience of the understanding that you seek?

  • The ability to sit with someone else and truly listen to their perspective while holding your own that is different to theirs is a magical skill that takes focused effort. We have a tendency to become defensive if someone disagrees with your perspective. Practice: Listen to someone who has a different viewpoint than yours. Notice and be with the experience in your mind and body as you listen to their message. Try not to interrupt or defend yourself. Maintain a posture of curiosity.

3. VITALITY - Key 58

Gift: Vitality

Shadow: Dissatisfaction

Siddhi: Bliss

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

He is here to tell you it is time to stop fighting your true nature. You were born with a life force and Vitality within you that must be expressed. You can attempt to interfere with it by trying to recreate it or by resisting Dissatisfaction. But there's nothing you can do to get rid of the life pulsing within you. So you might as well surrender. Dissatisfaction is a natural part of life. Without it, none of us would evolve, or be motivated to make this world a better place. When you allow life to express itself through you, without resistance or judgment, Bliss happens naturally. The future is not in your hands; it does not even exist. All there is, is Now. So stop projecting into the future, let life have its way with you, and watch your purpose unfold.