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Weekly Wisdom Keepers Oracle - July 9, 2021

Your Wisdom Card

Every Shadow contains a Gift. Every Gift contains Magical Wisdom.

When you embrace your Shadow, you embody your Gifts.

When you embody your Gifts, you claim your inherent Wisdom.

Take a moment. Connect with your breath.

Choose the card that calls to you.

Continue reading below for your weekly contemplation.

*I've been noticing, as I pull cards each week, that some of the Wisdom Keepers bless us with their messages again and again. These messages are not only for us on an individual level, they are also themes of the energies and beliefs that are being shifted as a collective.

1. REALISM - Key 60

Gift: Realism

Shadow: Limitation

Siddhi: Justice

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

She brings to you a love of Realism (or Idealism) and common sense. She wants you to stay connected to your ideals and visions, without losing sight of the practical aspects of the creative process. Just as a seed needs a shell, and a river needs its banks, your dreams need you to understand the inherent structures of the world, so that you can bring them to life. Do not see these structures as stiflying or forever-lasting Limitations, but as supportive vessels, perfectly designed to take you where you need to go, and no further. Remember to keep the heart of your dreams close, while holding all systems, religions and mindsets lightly. Get comfortable with uncertainty, think outside the box and use playful language. Seeming plateaus don't mean nothing is happening. Everything of true value lives within you. So be the eyes, ears and mind of our Universe and soon you will be making magic!

Questions from Juliana:

  • What is your relationship with structure, laws and rules? Do you follow them closely or do you live with flexibility?

  • Do you see possibility in structures that are apparently rigid and defined?

  • Do you allow yourself to dream about the magical, the impossible and the ideal?

  • How can you hold structure and rules lightly while trusting the flow of your intuition?

Practice Suggestions from Juliana:

  • Contemplate and Journal: Do you allow logic and idealism/dreaming equal space in your life?

  • Journal: Consider your relationship with logic and structure. Was there structure when you grew up? Were you allowed to explore? What sort of rules did you have to follow?

  • Journal: Consider your relationship with magic and idealism. Was your imagination nurtured as a child? Were you encouraged to dream?

  • Notice when you stop yourself from dreaming because you may consider it illogical.

2. STRENGTH - Key 34

Gift: Strength

Shadow: Force

Siddhi: Majesty

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

He comes to acknowledge your Strength and to ask you to purify your heart by liberating yourself from the war in your mind. Be careful not to mistake the people around you for your enemies. Your true enemies are your own misguided thoughts, your reactive emotions and everything in you that wrestles you away from the present moment. It's time to stop trying to Force things to a certain way, just because your mind tells you so. Stay open to outside influence. Keep tuning into the natural world around you. Listen for the flow of life, and you shall tap into it. There is an inexhaustible reserve of inner Strength deep in your belly. It is greater that you can possibly imagine.

Questions from Juliana:

  • Do you push through no matter how much resistance you may get?

  • Are you afraid of your own power?

  • How do you make decisions? From your mind, where you think that you 'should' do something? Or from your gut, when something feels right?

  • Do you feel like you have to compete and force your way into jobs, relationships, homes?

Practice Suggestions from Juliana:

  • Consider times in your life when you have pushed through or Forced something to happen. How did that work out for you?

  • Notice where you witness Strength in the natural world. For example: If a river is damned by a rock slide, the water will find its way through the rock until slowly, over time, it becomes more powerful than the rock.

  • The true definition of Strength is the ability to act in harmony with natural forces. There may be great effort but there is no resistance. Consider where are you noticing resistance in yourself and your life? What would you like to experience instead?

  • Begin to cultivate presence. Choose 5 minutes a day where you sit with your eyes open and look around you. Look out the window. Observe your cat sleeping. Be still. Do not watch tv, pick up the phone, do the dishes or talk to anyone. Simply practice presence.

3. RESTRAINT - Key 52

Gift: Restraint

Shadow: Stress

Siddhi: Stillness

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

Restraint comes to relieve you of your Stress, and to remind you that everything in nature (including you) has its own timing and growth pattern. Your intentions are like seeds. If you start something from a place of fear, the seed of fear will permeate the entire endeavor. So if you want your dreams to grow and thrive, just hold a clear intention, infuse it with goodwill and trust that your dreams know just how and when to bloom. It's time to befriend Restraint. Practice Patience. Learn how not to interfere. Let your life and dreams unfold without too much pushing or prodding. And remember, more often than not, growth and transformation take place below ground , and the greatest seeds take the longest to germinate.

Questions from Juliana:

  • Who's stress are you feeling? Is it all yours?

  • What are you afraid of?

  • How is your fear preventing you to release into the flow of life?