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Wisdom Keepers Oracle - December 3, 2021

Your Wisdom Card

Every Shadow contains a Gift. Every Gift contains Magical Wisdom.

When you embrace your Shadow, you embody your Gifts.

When you embody your Gifts, you claim your inherent Wisdom.

Take a moment. Connect with your breath.

Choose the card that calls to you.

Continue reading below for your weekly contemplation.

1. STYLE - Key 8

Gift: Style

Shadow: Mediocrity

Siddhi: Exquisiteness

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

I have a hunch there is a voice in you longing to be heard. I am here to encourage you to stop worrying about blending in. Dare to be an original. Don't just follow the trends. Be a rebel with a cause. Embrace your own Style and let it come from deep inside. When I see you doing something that others may think is crazy or 'too much,' I know that you are as sane as sane could be. Maybe there are people who won't stick around. I understand how painful that can be. I also promise you, there will be others who will be so inspired by your Style that they'll catch the authenticity bug. So please, get comfortable with being a fringe dweller. Trust the world will catch up with you, in its own good time. No matter what your passion is, give it some air. Set it free. And expect nothing less than Exquisiteness.

Contemplations & Practices from Juliana:

  • The 8th Shadow of Mediocrity is founded on the fear frequency of being different. This fear prevents you from exploring the real adventure of life. The adventure of rebellion, of being different. Most educational systems encourage sameness rather than difference because difference threatens the system itself. Mediocrity has two functions: 1. It keeps you from thinking outside of the box. You think like others, act like others, dress like others. And this is based on what others may or may not think of you. 2. The Shadow of Mediocrity is here to serve the system not you, the individual, who is here to evolve. This prevents you from becoming your own hero in your own very unique story. Contemplate: Where do you notice Mediocrity pop up in your life? Where do you prevent yourself from dreaming of something different than what may be expected of you? Spend 24 hours dreaming about your ideal life. Catch yourself if you being to doubt it. This is about accessing your imagination and your inner rebel.

  • The Gift of Style has little to do with clothes and hair. It is more about accessing the nature of your unique spirit - your inner rebel. Style is all about creation. It is about creating in Joy! It is the gift that is here to remind you that you are the ultimate creator. What is it that you want to create? Practice: Spend 24 hours dreaming about your ideal life. Allow yourself to conjure up as many gorgeous fantastic images as you can. Catch yourself if you being to doubt it. This is about accessing your imagination and your inner rebel. Allow yourself to play and have fun!

2. IDEALISM - Key 11

Gift: Idealism

Shadow: Obscurity

Siddhi: Light

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

I am here to remind you of the incredible power and potential of your receptive, abundant, feminine, magical, tribal, dreaming mind. I come to give you permission to play with your right brain, with the realms of imagery, archetype and imagination. Trust that everything in the end, is a symbol. Whatever comes to you, please do not judge it, over-identify with it or squeeze it into a preconceived shape. And please don't judge yourself in any way for the unusual or optimistic contents of your imagination.

In our modern world, many of us are taught to think of Idealists as naive, weak and deluded people - out of touch with reality. It is true that to manifest itself in the world, Idealism needs a structure. But without knowing our ideals or recognizing our dreams, how can we possibly manifest anything of true value? To bring our world back into balance, we need people like you to practice magical realism, where your beautiful open mind is honoured just as much as the logical plans your brilliant left brain might drum up!

Contemplations & Practices from Juliana:

  • The 11th Gene Key is all about Light and human vision. It is connected to the human eye and the way images are translated through the brain as imagination. The Shadow of Obscurity interferes with the light around us and the way the brain processes, translates and communicates the light, which distortion and illusion to how we see the world. You are not seeing clearly. This shadow specifically impacts the right hemisphere of your brain. Also known as the feminine, creative side of the brain. Your perception of the world is skewed without the access to this magical, creative, feminine nature. The fear that is generated in the world by the unknown creative potential of our true vision is pushed aside and repressed by the left brain - the logical, orderly, masculine side. Contemplate: How often do you tap into the creative flow of your life? Do you ever allow yourself to just dance or draw or sing or dream without needing where you're going to end up? Where can you introduce some of this creativity into your life?

  • The 11th Gift is of magic and fairy tale. And with the right structure it will manifest great things in your outer life. What is needed to bring forth what is inside us, is the use of archetypes or symbols to represent some part of us that is calling to be expressed. Practice: Where do you see your true ideal self in symbolism? What animal do you feel a kinship with? What tarot card best represents you? What myth resonates with your heart? Spend some time with this symbol. Journal about what it means for you.

3. MAGNETISM - Key 15

Gift: Magnetism

Shadow: Dullness

Siddhi: Florescence

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

If I can find magic in the Dullest places, so can you. But I'm here to tell you that you mustn't fight the Dullness or it won't work. You have to lean into it. You have embrace it with your whole entire self. You have to sloooooow down. I know it's hard. It may even feel scary. But if you do that long enough (without judging yourself for being lazy), you're very likely going to find yourself feeling pretty excited about life and with an irresistible Magnetism gleaming out of your beautiful eyes. And you won't even need a reason for it.

Contemplations & Practices from Juliana:

  • The 15th Shadow of Dullness is a fear of the ordinary life. It is the fear of repetition of rhythms and patterns. This shadow becomes present in our behaviour when we begin to feel low. We stop seeing the magic in our ordinary life. We long to force change. Where the magic lies in this shadow, is that your perspective shifts your experience. As soon as you have an internal shift about your perception on your life, the dullness becomes new and interesting. Dullness is the place that exists where there is no push or pull. It is the place where you wonder, "Now what?" It is the after a celebration or event and everything settles back into being ordinary. In order to move through shadow of Dullness, you must find comfort in the common. As a cat or dog lies for hours perfectly content, so is what this shadow is asking for. Practice: When you notice the dull hue colouring your life, can you find peace in the ordinary? Breathe into it. Notice it. Embody a cat or dog and lie still and do nothing. Can you sink into this?

  • The Gift of Magnetism is an opportunity to trust in the flow of life. To step into the natural ebb and flow of life, like the tides and the seasons. Magnetism is an embodied state of acceptance for what is, right now. Rooting into the knowing of the Earth's cycles of change also impact you. Practice: Go outside and notice all of the evidence of the ordinariness of life. Notice the ebbs and flows, the waxing and waning, the letting go and the growing. Breathe that natural Magnetic way of being into your body. Feel it entering your bloodstream, your bones. Intend to be like the Earth and all its creatures. Lean into the ordinariness of life. Trust it's natural cycles and your innate rhythms.

*This deck of cards is The Wisdom Keepers by Rosy Aronson, PhD

*The Gift from the Wisdom Keeper is adapted from The Wisdom Keepers' Guidebook

*The Questions & Practices are cultivated by me, Juliana, from my own contemplation with the cards & the Gene Keys. You can read more about the Gene Keys here.

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