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Wisdom Keepers Oracle - September 20, 2021

Your Wisdom Card

Every Shadow contains a Gift. Every Gift contains Magical Wisdom.

When you embrace your Shadow, you embody your Gifts.

When you embody your Gifts, you claim your inherent Wisdom.

Take a moment. Connect with your breath.

Choose the card that calls to you.

Continue reading below for your weekly contemplation.

1. REALISM - Key 60

Gift: Realism

Shadow: Limitation

Siddhi: Justice

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

She is here to bring you the gift of Realism and common sense. She wants you to stay connected to your ideals and visions, without losing sight of the practical aspects of the creative process. Just as a seed needs a shell and a river needs its banks, your dreams need you to understand the inherent structures of the world, so that you can bring them to life. Do not see these structures as stifling or forever-lasting Limitations but as supportive vessels, perfectly designed to take you where you need to go and no further. Remember to keep the heart of your dreams close, while holding all systems, religions and mindsets lightly. Get comfortable with uncertainty, think outside the box and use playful language. Seeming plateaus don't mean nothing is happening. Everything of true values lives within you. So be the eyes, ears and mind of our Universe and soon you will be making magic!

Contemplations & Practices from Juliana:

  • No structure lasts forever. All structures (buildings, laws, governments, businesses, systems) crumble or evolve over time. Structures are important just as how a river needs the banks to flow like a river and there is an over-reliance on structure in our world to maintain the illusion of safety and certainty. The Shadow of Structure wants to control everything or, in the opposite extreme, wants nothing to do with structure. Practice: If you tend to hold structures tightly, choose one structure this week and practice holding it with a little more ease and flow. If you tend towards being unstructured, choose one area of your life where you can create a little more structure to support you.

  • Realism is the bridge between magic and structure. We live in a 3D world and we are higher dimensional creational beings who have the ability to manifest from our hearts. Innovation and imagination will only take root in the physical if there is a foundation and structure to support it. Practice: Consider what you are dreaming about and create an actionable step to begin manifesting it's appearance into your life.

2. INSIGHT - Key 43

Gift: Insight

Shadow: Deafness

Siddhi: Epiphany

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

Insight is here to invite out the rebel in you - the poet, the lover, the mad scientist, the revolutionary. There is something on you can do. Something your entire life has prepared you for. It is time to take a risk, to shake up a system. You may make waves. That's okay. Whatever you do, stop listening to the status quo. This is not about venting or blaming; this is about being creative and being open to love. You don't have to know where exactly you're headed, or why, in order to trust your inner voice. As you courageously forge a new pathway, don't be surprised if your timing gets better and breakthrough Insights come your way. Dare to be who you are, and you will ignite the creative rebel in others, wherever you go.

Contemplations & Practices from Juliana:

  • The Shadow of Deafness is frequency of fear created by human beings. When you are bombarded with the noise of humanity, you cannot hear the truth that lies within you. The 43rd Shadow blocks your own inner knowing by tuning you into the lower frequency of fear and attaches itself to your physical body. Practice: Notice how much you are pulled into the stories, energies and emotions of others. Create a mindfulness practice with the intention of becoming aware of what your emotions, thoughts, feelings are and how often they become intermingled with the energies of others.

  • The Gift of Insight is to be a Rebel. A rebel is someone who does not conform. A Rebel is a revolutionary. Every single person has a rebel inside of them waiting to be heard. This gift is unique to you and no one can duplicate the space you were born to inhabit. When you awaken to your true creative potential, you begin to pull yourself out of the survival frequency of fear. Contemplate: What does your Rebel long to do or say? How can you turn down the volume of the collective fear so that you can hear your own Insight?


Gift: Anticipation

Shadow: Fantasy

Siddhi: Emanation

Gift From The Wisdom Keeper:

Anticipation arrives when it is time for a new experience. A new world or life chapter is beckoning you. Every cell in your body is intricately linked, just as every impulse within you is communicating to the whole of creation. If you listen carefully, you can Anticipate what is coming, as well as what is truly needed. You hold the key to your dreams in your own hand and it is your responsibility to turn that key. But remember, you are not here to manifest your dreams on your own. Allow others to participate. And take one small step at a time. Pace yourself. Ask for help. Rest when you need it. Don't over-do or under-do. Do not expect things to turn out exactly as you imagine. Then embrace the thrill of Anticipation.

Contemplations & Practices from Juliana:

  • The Shadow of Fantasy is like holding the key to all your dreams in the palm of your hand and never placing the key in the lock and turning it. This shadow presents in the world by people who dream of a better life but, for one reason or another, are unable to bring these dreams into reality. The shadow creates a pressure in humans to evolve but because of its lower frequency it becomes distorted into the pressure to feel happy. This results in us continuing to attempt to satisfy our desires through our senses by constantly searching to fulfill a fantasy and then moving on to the next one. Contemplate: Do you search for your happiness outside of yourself? Perhaps with shopping, food, new jobs? Begin looking at your dreams and turning within for your next steps.

  • The Gift of Anticipation allows us to become more sensitive to the hidden properties that surround you. We know, through quantum physics, that what we can see, smell, taste and touch is only a fraction of what exists. Anticipation supports you to begin feeling into what is coming next and you begin to download information about your next steps and path. Practice: Begin a meditation or mindfulness practice with the intention of tuning your awareness to all that cannot be seen. Have fun with it! Do you have different thoughts? Do you experience physical sensations in your body? Do you hear information? Practice adjusting your frequency to that of the unseen.

*This deck of cards is The Wisdom Keepers by Rosy Aronson, PhD

*The Gift from the Wisdom Keeper is adapted from The Wisdom Keepers' Guidebook

*The Questions & Practices are cultivated by me, Juliana, from my own contemplation with the cards & the Gene Keys. You can read more about the Gene Keys here.

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