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Life was never meant to be cookie cutter.


Now is the age of sovereignty and personal remembrance.


There are many different aspects of you that make you as unique as a precious gemstone.


This lifetime is calling you to reveal your Magic.


Are you ready to create a life on your terms?

To schedule a Human Design reading visit:

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Quantum Human Design

Reveal the Frequency of your True Soul Expresion

How Human Design Can Help You

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Plant Medicine

Guide to your Soul Purpose

Your experiences shape your mechanisms that keep you safe. You become conditioned to be different than who your soul came here to be. Your chart reveals your Soul Purpose.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Leverage your innate abilities and learn how to strengthen your weaknesses.

Tap into your Creative Strate

You are meant to create in a unique way. Your strategy sets you up to create at your highest potential. 


Relationships and Communication

Your unique blueprint will show you how you best learn and what is most important to you in relationships. 

Boundary Setting and Self-Care

Tap into what you need to take care of yourself that best supports your energy levels and prevents burn out. 

Astrological Transits

You are influenced by the transits of the planetary archetypes. Use them strategically to your advantage.

Client Testimonials

"My Quantum Human Design reading  with Juliana was able to put words to so many of the things I have been feeling but have had a difficult time expressing. I've often found myself in repetitive patterns and have felt as though "I should know better" and be able to prevent them, but I learned they are actually a natural part of my chart!

I feel empowered with this deeper understanding of myself and am excited to have new tools in my toolbox as I continue to bring my visions to life. Thank you, Juliana!”

- Ariana Fotinakis, 5D Business Coach

Human Design

At its core, Human Design is as an experiment and a practice.


It is an experiment because not one single person is like you. So how would anyone ever know what you need to create the success, joy and abundance that you want?

There has never been anyone like you before, nor will there ever be anyone like you again.

Your Human Design chart is a golden opportunity to take the information you learn and apply it to your life. To take note or what changes. To feel what it’s like to live in alignment with your unique design.

The key place to begin is with your Type and your Strategy. If you know your Type, check out the videos below.


Find your Type at Genetic Matrix.

Human Design Videos

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