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Sensitives & Empaths

You Are Needed

Empaths & Sensitives

Your empathy is your gift.
Your sensitivity is powerful.
Your compassion is your brilliance.
Your connection to nature is needed.


You may:

  • feel easily overwhelmed & exhausted.

  • experience anxiety or depression. 

  • have difficulty creating boundaries.

  • feel misunderstood. 

  • feel overstimulated in noisy or crowded spaces. 

  • dislike small talk.

  • require time alone to recharge.

Self-Understanding is Essential
for you to Thrive

Common Traits of Empaths & Sensitives:

  1. Depth of Processing: The Sensitive brain has more insula, which helps enhance perception and self awareness. This means you are naturally highly attuned to take in more of the world and what is going on around you.

  2. Overstimulation: You may often feel overwhelmed and overstimulated by sounds, smells, crowds and lights.

  3. Empathy: You easily can imagine how other people and animals may be feeling. You often find yourself feeling the feelings of other people.

  4. Sensitive to Subtleties: You walk into a room and just know something may be going on that isn't being spoken about. You are highly tuned to the body language, tone of voice and expression of other people.

  5. Connection to Spirit Guides or Higher Self: You may receive guidance from outside signs or inner whisperings.


Rest & Downtime Are Essential
for Empaths & Sensitives


Your Sensitivity is a Gift!

  • You feel everything deeply. Your emotions are flowing all the time. This means you feel profoundly - the lows & the highs.

  • You are thoughtful and very considerate. You have a brilliant gift to just know what people need and how to help.

  • You are intuitive and observant. You often know or sense something about someone before they tell you. 

  • You are imaginative and creative. Your inner world is rich, vivid and full of magic.

  • You feel deeply connected to animals and nature. You recharge in nature & you feel understood by your animal friends.

  • You put together patterns that you see in people & your environment. This brings a sense of connection with other people & places.

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