Counselling &
Spiritual Coaching
Highly Sensitive People

Embody Your Wisdom

For Sensitives Who...

  • feel the pain of the world

  • are ashamed of their emotions

  • are disconnected from their bodies

  • struggle with boundaries

  • second guess their intuition

  • connect with animals

  • crave to be in nature

  • are overwhelmed

  • don't know what they want


The Truth Is...

  • you have all you need inside you

  • your sensitivity is powerful

  • you deserve to live a life you love

  • you intuition is speaking to you

  • your uniqueness is needed

  • you are resilient & brave

  • you are infinitely wise

  • you are connected to the Earth

  • your power comes from self awareness

Integrate Body Mind & Spirit

Spiritual Counselling supports you...

  • to unite your body, mind & spirit

  • to connect to your intuition

  • to widen your perspective

  • to journey to your inner wisdom

  • to trust your inner guidance system

  • to shift beliefs, emotions & trauma

  • to connect with your heart's calling

  • to develop compassion for yourself




A diverse, wholistic listing of modalities developed over 2 decades of personal practice & education.


Access to Free courses, worksheets & meditations.

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Where I share my view & thoughts about the human experience.

Juliana is a wonderful facilitator as I journey to further understand and care for myself and explore the connection between my mind and body. She is a gentle, kind, and generous spirit and I am so grateful for her support. 

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